Borderlands 2 | Infinite Money Shot Chain Weapons Without Merging | Tutorial

Merge Dragons Exploit

Merge Dragons Exploit

Gold, Dragon Gems and Stone Bricks Generator

Bosses will melt in seconds with this. Check out SuddenDeathMode’s channel below for more speed kills and game breaking videos. If you enjoyed the video, then be sure to leave a “Like” 😉

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OP8 Vermivorous vs Trickster Maya In 2 Seconds:

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This video shows how you the EASIEST WAY to get the MOST points in any RAID EVENT. It also shows you how to choose to fight any Raid character when they are at a low amount of health, increasing the chances of an Ultimate finish. (Remember, your team still has to actually beat the Raid Boss for the Ultimate finish)

I figure if they’re not going to patch these moves for pvp they’ll probably do it once they realize they also work on raid and expert missions. But until then, have fun getting all the raid requirements done in a couple of tries. Also helps with expert missions.

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In order to play Merge Dragons in a unique way, players can also use Merge Dragons Gems. It will help new players to get limitless bricks for dominate the game in Game.

Solo ANY Raid Boss In 10 Seconds or Less! Evil Smasher Glitch | Borderlands 2 Seraph/Loot Guide

Showcasing a technique to increase a weapon’s power drastically to help you solo any Raid Boss Incredibly quickly!

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